Is it Time for a new Paint Job?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

How to tell you need a fresh coat of paint in the interior or exterior of your home?

Taking care of your home!

Taking care of your home is a never ending task. But by doing proper preventive maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. You can extend the life of your home by simply doing some maintenance that includes painting the interior and exterior of your walls with the proper paint that is intended for that surface. Doing so can not only prolong the life of your property but also increase the value of your home.

Therefore, how do you determine if it's time to paint your house? Do you wait or pull the "Painting" trigger. Here are some signs to watch out for that once addressed, will have your home Squared Away!

Look for these signs!

In order to keep your home in tip top shape, it's important to perform regular checks of your property and keep an eye out for signs of deteriorating paint, such as peeling paint, cracking paint, or fading paint. It's best to conduct a thorough walk through of your home or property to look out for the aforementioned signs, you want to look for signs of decay that might indicate future problems. If you notice any of these immediate signs that is a good indication that it is time to get a fresh new paint job. Doing this will make your house, home, or business look fresh and clean and may add or increase value in your property!

Trying to find all of these signs can definitely be taunting and overwhelming, if you rather skip the investigative work and leave the detective work for us, give us a call and we will come out and take a look at your future project.

  • Cracking: Your paint should not be cracking, if you have stucco same applies. Cracking paint is a dead give away that you need to have a fresh coat of paint done. If you have stucco that's failing or cracking you need to have those damages repaired right away before your property incurs additional damages due to water, moisture, and weather factors.

  • Peeling: We have all seen it, peeling paint is not a pretty sight, and it is something you should address asap. Peeling can occur due to a variety of reasons, improper application, sun damage can cause paint to bubble resulting in blisters that deteriorate over time. Not to mention that the exposed areas from those popped blisters worsen over time and additional sun and weather exposure thus resulting in more peeling that reaches the main surface. Bottom line, peeling, cracking, and blistering of the paint happens due to a loss of adhesion between the paint and the surface it's on.

  • Old homes: Some older but beautiful homes that were constructed prior to 1950 in our area of North East have peeling paint problems. This is mostly because most homes back then were covered in several layers of oil rather than latex paint. One thing to note about oil paint is that unlike Latex paint it never stops curing and as the years go by the paint continues to oxidize resulting in making the paint brittle. Due to the woodwork underneath the paint expands and contracts due to the different degrees of weather it results in the oil base paints to start showing hairline cracks due to simply being less flexible than Latex paint. If you face such scenario, its best to have a professional contain any old lead based paint and have it completely removed, rather than painting right over it which will accelerate the decay process of underlying oil based coats.

  • Fading: You may also notice that your paint is starting to fade, have you ever noticed old barns? Some of them are abandoned and are not properly maintained, the color seems almost as if it was bleached. Fading is a common issue that happens through the process of sun exposure.

  • Mold / Mildew: Have you ever noticed exteriors of homes that look stained and greenish or gray in color? That is a common result from mold or mildew, typically most modern homes are constructed with Vinyl siding which is very popular material because it's durable and affordable, however, a downside to this type of siding is that mold and mildew tend to grow on it fairly easy. Some of the reasons of this build up is due to buildup of dirt because fungus often feeds on dirt and dust. Furthermore, if you live in an area near lots of trees this is perfect recipe and breeding ground for mold and mildew due to that fungus prefer the the taste of that sugary sap that are excreted from those trees and end up on your siding. It has been found that excess of moisture that is trapped in between the siding and the surface wall may lead to mold and mildew, this is usually caused by a broken gutter, drain pipe that is constantly dripping water on top of the siding.

But when is the right time to Paint?

If you're seeing any of the above signs now it's the time to Paint! Give Squared Away Solutions Painting and Construction LLC a call. We use quality paint from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, that coupled with expert preparation of surfaces, years of craftsmanship experience will ensure you lasting results. Call (973) 969-2805 or send us an email at to schedule your 100% FREE Estimate.

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