Interior Services

At Squared Away Solutions Painting and Construction, we strive to offer superior craftsmanship and customer service to residents of the North and Central Jersey.


Our in-house staff is well equipped to accomplish everything from your complex interior painting projects to your small one-off projects with efficiency and generating outstanding work.

When performing interior painting projects, our professional in-house painters make it apparent to keep a clean working environment and protect your furniture, floors, and carpet from accidental splatters and messes. Part of our beginning process is analyzing potential trouble spots and draping furniture and floors with protective plastic to ensure that no issues come with your beautifully painted walls, trim, ceilings, and cabinets.

Prior to commencing any project we prepare the wall surfaces by repairing your walls through spackling and sanding, caulking areas, fixing pops, and priming. This ensures your homes will look amazing and squared away upon finish.

In addition to a clean working environment, the professional painters at Squared Away Solutions can coordinate a schedule that works best for you.

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  • Painted windows, molding and millwork

  • Interior Wall Painting

  • Painted kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and shelves

  • Interior door painting

  • Popcorn ceiling removal

  • Proper preparation including caulking, sanding, filling & spackling, and masking & covering your belongings and other surfaces 

Mans hand caulk skirting board with caul


  • Caulking can be a small job with big results.  Whether you need to replace old or install new caulking, call the experienced professionals at Squared Away Solutions. 

  • We can help you with every space in your home including: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, Concrete, Outdoor faucets, Attic hatches, doors, and more.

  • The right caulking can help keep your home more energy efficient and save you money. Squared Away Solutions can replace or install caulking.

  • Benefit from Energy Savings

  • Protect your home from unwanted outdoor creatures and dirt from entering your living space.

Dry Wall Repair and Prepare.jpg


  • Repair cracked, peeling or broken drywall, pops, and cracks

  • Ceiling Repair: Drooping, cracked or bubbling repair

  • Water Damage Repair: restore your home back to its original glory

  • Drywall Finishing: Rough drywall? Get it finished and smoothed 

  • Drywall Installations: For anyone looking for a new closet, wall, or division in their home or business 

Brightly Lit Kitchen


  • Removal of cabinet drawers and drawer fronts, hinges and other hardware

  • We clean and prepare surfaces using high powered dustless sanders so the paint will bond to it

  • We use compressed air to make sure surface is clean before we start the finishing process

  • Painting of Cabinets: Provide three coats (First, a primer bonder for an even level surface), then after fine sanding, a second and then third coat called "Cabinet Coat" for great finish